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MAN Diesel SE - company history

MAN Diesel SE is a German manufacturer of large-sized diesel engines for marine power plants and power plants. In 2010, a merger with MAN Turbo took place, resulting in the formation of MAN Diesel and Turbo.

In 1980, MAN acquired the Danish shipyard and diesel engine manufacturer Burmeister & Wain. Although engine production in Kristianshavn ceased in 1987, successful engine programs continued. In 1988, a plant for spare parts and key components was opened in Teglholmen, and in 1992 a research and development center was established at the same site. Although all Copenhagen operations were transferred to Teglholmen in 1994, and the last production engine from the B&W yard was delivered in 1996, MAN B&W Diesel two-stroke diesel engines had a market share of more than 70 percent in 2000, with a significant number of MC-series engines on order.

In 2002, the ME series of electronically controlled two-stroke diesel engines with a maximum cylinder diameter of 108 cm was added. At the end of 2003, MAN B&W Diesel employed around 2,200 people in Denmark, and in 2004, 100 GW or more than 8,000 MC engines were in operation or on order. In 2006, MAN Diesel AG founded the single European stock corporation MAN Diesel SE (Societas Europaea)