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Komatsu's history dates back to 1921 when Komatsu Iron Works separated from Takeuchi Mining Co. and became Komatsu Ltd. was. Originally a small repair shop, Komatsu is now a leading global supplier of construction and mining equipment, industrial equipment and electronics.
In 1931, Komatsu produced the first tracked agricultural tractor in Japan and 1947 and 1952 marked the "birth" of the first bulldozer and motor grader. In 1968, the production of Komatsu hydraulic excavators began.
The history of the company's globalization begins in 1955 - the first export sale of Komatsu took place, and in the course of 1967 - 71 years. Sales companies are established in Europe, USA and Asia.
Today the company owns 8 companies in Japan, three in the United States, two in Germany, China and India, one in Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Brazil, Thailand and Indonesia. Komatsu provides sales and rental services through an established network of dealers virtually worldwide.