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DOOSAN INFRACORE (ex DAEWOO Heavy Industries) - company history

The history of the Doosan company begins in 1896: at this time, Pak Seung-jik opened a small shop in Seoul. The corporation received its name in 1946 - Doosan.

In 1977, Daewoo Heavy Industries was established as a division of the South Korean corporation Daewoo. Collaboration with Hitachi launched the production of crawler excavators, which led to the in-house production of the Solar range after 8 years. Doosan bought Daewoo Heavy Industries in 2005, which allowed it to strengthen its position in the construction equipment market. Since that time, all equipment began to come under the Doosan-Daewoo brand. But in 2007, it was decided to promote the technique only under the Doosan brand.

It is worth noting that Doosan Corporation produces a wide range of products, from food and beverage products to engines, heavy equipment and power plants. The construction equipment is handled by the Doosan Infacore division.