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Dodge Ram Trucks
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Dodge Ram Truck Company - company history

The Dodge Ram, also known as the Ram pickup, is a full-size pickup truck marketed under the Ram Trucks brand and manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC. The name "Ram" was first used in 1981 during the redesigned Ram and Power Ram launch. Originally, it was developed on Dodge's light truck line, but the brand has branched out to other heavier lines over the years.

The Ram hood ornament was originally used as a hood ornament on the Dodge trucks starting in 1933 and lasted until the 1950’s to symbolize strength in their rugged build. Then, by the 1950’s Dodge stopped using the ram hood ornament.

It wasn’t until Lee Iacocca, then president and CEO of Chrysler, who, along with their marketing team, decided to revive their old mascot. In 1981, the ram was added back onto the hood just in time for the announcement of Dodge’s first generation of RAM trucks.