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Transmission Control Module (TCM) and MID223

Design and Function
Transmission Control Module (TCM) and MID223
The manufacturer diagnostic tool is the preferred tool for
performing diagnostic work. Contact your local dealer for
more information or visit “www.premiumtechtool.com”.
The following document details the fault codes associated with the transmission control module (TCM) and MID223. A fault
code type, description, symptoms and possible causes is provided (if applicable). Utilize this information to diagnose any fault
codes received for the transmission.
Also included are descriptions of the sensors associated with the TCM and MID223.
Transmission Control Module (TCM)
The TCM communicates with the Gear Selector Control Module (GSCM) and other ECMs in the vehicle through the SAE
J1939 and SAE ISO data links. The functionality of the TCM can be different depending on the type of software packages that
are installed. The TCM contains the following components:
Transmission Control Module (TCM) and MID223,
Design and Function
The bulletin provides design and function information for the TCM and MID 223 Gear Selector
Control Unit fault codes for MACK CHU, CXU, GU and TD vehicles.
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