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©2012 Volvo Group North America, Inc., Greensboro, NC USA
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system,
or transmitted in any forms by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or
otherwise, without the prior written permission of Volvo Trucks North America, a division of Volvo
Group North America, Inc.
The descriptions and service procedures contained in this manual are based on designs and
technical studies carried out through January 2012.
The products are under continuous development. Vehicles and components produced after the
above date may therefore have different specifications and repair methods. When this is deemed
to have a significant bearing on this manual, an updated version of this manual will be issued to
cover the changes.
The new edition of this manual will update the changes.
In service procedures where the title incorporates an operation number, this is a reference to an
V.S.T. (Volvo Standard Times).
Service procedures which do not include an operation number in the title are for general information
and no reference is made to an V.S.T.
Each section of this manual contains specific safety information and warnings which must be
reviewed before performing any procedure. If a printed copy of a procedure is made, be sure to
also make a printed copy of the safety information and warnings that relate to that procedure. The
following levels of observations, cautions and warnings are used in this Service Documentation:
Note: Indicates a procedure, practice, or condition that must be followed in order to have the
vehicle or component function in the manner intended.
Caution: Indicates an unsafe practice where damage to the product could occur.
Warning: Indicates an unsafe practice where personal injury or severe damage to the product
could occur.
Danger: Indicates an unsafe practice where serious personal injury or death could occur.
Volvo Trucks North America, a division of Volvo Group North America, Inc.
Service Information
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Engine Control Module (ECM), Diagnostic Trouble Code
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